When Buying a Car – Get a Bill Of Sale

When buying any private party car, make sure you have a Bill Of Sale to fill out. Deals can go sour. Seriously, google “used car buying nightmare” and pull out some popcorn. Reading and watching some of these complaints is enough to make many people run off to a car dealership for their next purchase. The problem is, that’s not a realistic solution for everyone. 1. Buying a new car is a whole different ball game. 2. Let’s be real. Your dream 1972 Skyline GTR might not be at your local Nissan dealership. If you’re finally getting around to buying a […]

Car Maintenance 101 – Monthly Car Checklist

Owning a car is only the beginning. We’ve seen both used and NEW cars head down hill pretty quickly due to poor maintenance. By taking the time for under-the-hood check-up, you’ll be extending the overall life of your vehicles. Look now to prevent problems later. If you’re not naturally a car fanatic, mark this maintenance on your calendar. Spend 10-15 minutes every month can prevent more than 60% of the problems that lead to major repairs. Don’t believe us? Then let’s walk through a quick example. You don’t realize that your car is dripping radiator fluid. To be fair, it’s […]