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We're not talking about simply slapping on new rims and changing an air filter, we're talking about a "from the ground up" approach. You want a ride that's 100% your own, this is how to achieve it. 


It's the little touches that count. We can work under the hood of your car, but we can add finishing touches like vinyl wraps. Not only do professional wraps look great, they also protect your car's paint.


Our shop isn't just a place to drop off your car, it's a place where open communication flows. At OPG, we're working with you through the entire process so that we rock your world in the end.

Our experience


We've been doing this for years. Between our crew, we've seen hundreds of car. Our appreciation for import and domestic vehicles continue to grow each day, and we love knowing that our customers feel the same way. 



Custom Builds

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About us

We're a family here. It sounds lame, but we mean it. This is a small crew, but we're doing our best to do good work. There are too many shops out there that have stopped caring and that's not how we approach any aspect of our lives.

Our goals

Overkill Performance represents the rebirth of Function & Form. Before people slapped over sized wheels, stretched tires and dropped their car on the ground then called them "show cars" there were COMPLETE builds. No bolt unturned, no options ignored.

Our philosophy

Overkill Performance strives to bring back the "Track Lyfe." Bringing the heat back to the street.

"Do it once. Do it right."