Pre-calibration prep work is a vital step in making sure you don't spend more money than necessary. 

Before you call for an appointment, make sure your car is 100% ready for a Custom ECU tune is very important, as it will make the tuning process smooth, ensures your car makes the best power possible and makes certain that no time or money will be wasted. We are here to answer questions and make sure you prep your car properly, so ask us anything you may have questions about. If you rush the car, you will most likely have bad results and will probably have to fix stuff and come back for a retune, wasting time and money.

  • It is highly recommended to have a wideband. Even after your tune, you should monitor AFRs to ensure safety. We recommend the AEM UEGO (30-4110/30-4100).
    **NOTE: All remote tunes require a wideband**
  • Make sure your car has no oil/fluid leaks.
  • Do a boost leak test and make sure your car has no boost leaks. If you have questions about this, ask.
  • If your engine is older (ie 100k miles or more) or rebuilt, do a compression test to make sure the engine is healthy.
  • Make sure your car has no exhaust leaks. Check for exhaust soot where pieces of the exhaust system connect.
  • Make sure your downpipe is not hitting (rattling) the engine, transfer case or cross bars.
  • Make sure spark plugs are new & properly gapped. Here is plugs info for EVO's and Subaru's
  • Make sure all vacuum hose connections are zip tied/clamped.
  • Make sure all fluids are new and full.
  • Make sure the cooling system (Radiator & Fans) is full, bled and working properly.
  • Make sure the boost controller is installed correctly and the wastegate is preloaded properly. Please call and ask questions if you need clarification.