Finally! SEMA 2022 Countdown.

Written by Ezekiel Serrano
Edited by Orlando Cabrera

These past two years of COVID-19 life have turned the world of Car Meets and Shows upside down. Shows get scheduled, we get hyped, and then BAM! Cancellation after cancellation. This year has returned some sense of normalcy and so with great pleasure we are saying tick-tock — SEMA 2022. It’s almost time. To say that we’re excited about SEMA is a complete understatement. This year, the show is happening during the first week of November, and team Overkill is going to be there. It’s a huge step for our crew.

What are we looking to get out of this event? Is it wrong to say that we expect a lot? Our team is looking to make some connections, learn about the best products in this industry, and get expert insights on how to make our service better. Hands-down this is one of the best ways to get an insider look at the world of automotive.

Check out to get a better understanding of this show.