SEMA 2018 Countdown

SEMA 2018 Countdown

It’s that time again. October. The month of wicked fun… and we’re not talking about Halloween. This year we plan to make some waves at SEMA! Still the biggest automotive event of the year. You should experience it at least once if you have the opportunity to go! This is a 4 day long industry specific event that has been going on for years. It’s well established and you can use this time to your advantage. Here are some of our top priorities at SEMA! Relationships May it be vendors, distributors, friends, or fans, this is the place to set […]

SEMA 2017 Review

Written by Joshua Howard Edited by Porsha Howard As always, SEMA did not disappoint. We’ve had the honor of being able to attend this event over the past few years and it seems to keep growing. But we’ll be honest, this is probably due to the growth of the economy during the times we’ve attended. It will be interesting to see what will happen when there isn’t much money to go around. Last time we checked, twin turbos are not a necessity. Who would have guessed? Economic health is however best saved for another time. This year, the show was […]

When Your Car Dies – Repair or Replace

When you go to a car lot, always keep in mind: The people helping you want to move inventory. This is how they pay for their livelihood. Not everyone is out to get you, but you will run into some goons. It’s another typical evening. After a long day of work, you notice that your car isn’t acting like it normally does. A putt-putt here, a gurgle there, but you continue on. Shrugging it off in the moment, and after another few miles, the car jerks to an awkward stop. It stopped working. You turn the key and nothing happens. […]