Car Maintenance 101 – Monthly Car Checklist

Owning a car is only the beginning. We’ve seen both used and NEW cars head down hill pretty quickly due to poor maintenance. By taking the time for under-the-hood check-up, you’ll be extending the overall life of your vehicles. Look now to prevent problems later. If you’re not naturally a car fanatic, mark this maintenance on your calendar. Spend 10-15 minutes every month can prevent more than 60% of the problems that lead to major repairs.

Don’t believe us? Then let’s walk through a quick example. You don’t realize that your car is dripping radiator fluid. To be fair, it’s a small leak. Most of the time, the small wet spot dries up by the time you get into your car and drive off. Over the course of a few months, your car runs on an empty radiator. A weekend trip comes up, to a town a few hours away, and you go. It’s a fun time in the California sun until you look down and see that your car’s dial is on H and steam is coming out of your engine bay.

Before running through this checkoff list, make sure you have the right fluids for your car. Some makes and models are particular about what it runs on. You could easily ruin your ride by pouring the wrong type of fluid into it. Don’t just go by what someone points to in-store. Look at your car manual.

Must Checks

  • Check the oil level on the dipstick.
  • Check the automatic transmission fluid level on the dipstick.
  • Check the brake fluid.
  • Check the belts – Warning: DO NOT clean off your belts.
  • Check the power-steering fluid.
  • Check the coolant.
  • Check the windshield wipers and windshield washer fluid level.
  • Check the hoses.
  • Check the wiring.

Optional Checkoffs

  • Check the air filter.
  • Check the tires.
  • Check the battery.


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