SEMA 2017 Review

Written by Joshua Howard
Edited by Porsha Howard

As always, SEMA did not disappoint. We’ve had the honor of being able to attend this event over the past few years and it seems to keep growing. But we’ll be honest, this is probably due to the growth of the economy during the times we’ve attended. It will be interesting to see what will happen when there isn’t much money to go around. Last time we checked, twin turbos are not a necessity. Who would have guessed? Economic health is however best saved for another time. This year, the show was huge. It’s way bigger than what we’ve seen prior, but maybe it simply felt that way.

If you’re here for your business, you best be tired at the end of this multi-day event. SEMA is a great opportunity to arrange meetings with your current and potential vendors. Go with a game plan ready. You don’t often get face-to-face interactions with many of the companies that are attend.

But be careful. Be ready to make deals, but don’t empty out your bank account.

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The point of a show like SEMA is to give manufacturers a world stage to showcase their latest and greatest. Quality, pricing, presentation.  According to event organizers, there are over 2,000 exhibiting companies. Do you know what that means? There are over 2,000 ways for us gearheads to spend our money. If you think your wife was mad when you bought your last project car, just think how mad she’d be if you come home with a toolbox more expensive than her purse collection. 😉


You’ll have so much eye-candy to look at that you might pass out from an overdose.

You will see many things at SEMA but you can boil it down to a few bullet points:
  • Pretty cars
  • Shiny tools
  • Fancy equipment
  • AND more cars

We couldn’t have summed it up better than Valvoline event recap.

“Overall, the 2017 SEMA show offered a wide variety of amazing project vehicles that should inspire any gearhead – whether you want your car to look new, old, or even older. Advancements in the automotive aftermarket industry have made it much easier to connect components from late model vehicles to the classics we love without extensive customization.”

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