Overkill Media – What’s In the Works

We travel all over the West Coast to cover and participate in the best car shows, events, and meetups. It’s a huge perk for our media team, and we’d like to step it up.
Our team prides ourselves in the work we do, and we’d like to share more of that with everyone. The upcoming year should be an exciting one. We plan to start on a great shop build, attend more shows, and start our online web channel. We’re open to ideas and suggestions right now, so feel free to let us know your thoughts. What are you looking for from people in this industry? Tips, advice, or pure inspiration?
Production will play a big role at our shop in the upcoming year, and we hope that you’re pumped about it! What we’re trying to build at Overkill is beyond our shop, it’s ultimately a community that will inject life into this scene. We want to do this locally, but our team won’t stop there. Let’s take on the world!
Reach out, connect, and Overkill everything.

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