Overkill at Bimmerfest 2017

Written by Joshua Howard.
Edited by Nica Lu.
What a fantastic show! This was our first time at Bimmerfest as Team Overkill and it’s safe to say that we’ll be back in 2018.
This year’s show ran from June 3rd through the 4th, and it was packed with BMW fans, cars, and products. The show was sponsored by ESS Tuning and held at Auto Club Speedway in Fotana, California. It was an amazing display of rare, clean, and modified BMW cars from all over the world. We have to admit that the Bimmer fans are true loyalist. All of the activities were filled with engaged fans who are behind the idea that “Driving the Ultimate Machine” is the ultimate pleasure. You could feel the BMW magic in the air.
Both days were filled with all day on-track racing. During our time there, we stopped at the ESS Tuning booth and got some Bimmerfest merch. There was also the Fan Zone! But let’s not forget that we were able to see one of the best collections of BMWs at this show. Keep this in mind when you attend. Walk the area and absorb in the Bimmer-pride. Also worth the mention, you can go get yourself some awesome food from the trucks that show up. It’s a fun time.
If you missed this year’s show, make sure that you drag your butt out for the next one. No excuses for those of you who are true BMW loyalists. We know who you are. We see you at the shop.

Things to Note:

The entry fee for the event is $30 per car for exhibition parking in the field or $20 per car for general admission parking. By all accounts, this is reasonable. So pack up your van and bring everyone and their mom. You aren’t paying per head to have a great time!

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